Mobile games the HC community is involved in, and why you should be as well

One of the major aspects we originally loved about MMOs is that they got updated, which was somewhat unique to the genre. In 2015 that is no longer the case, with just about every genre having at least a few examples of games with regular support. This means if you played a game at launch, coming back to it later might result in a much different experience, one that is hopefully much improved. This is certainly the case with Clash of Clans (CoC) and Boom Beach (BB), and something that I hope happens regularly with DomiNations (DN?). The biggest and IMO most important addition to CoC have been clan wars, as they provide a solid ‘end-game’ activity that is available shortly after you start playing, but that lasts and evolves in complexity, right up to maxing...

Are Clash of Clans and Boom Beach MMOs?

This is mostly just food for thought, and spoiler answer: No, but its real close. To really answer this question, you first have to ask yourself what you value most in an MMO, and how many of those factors does a game have to have before we can label it an MMO in the traditional sense. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Massive: A large number of players need to be around, more than a large FPS map or private Minecraft server of 64 or 128 players. Multiplayer: Not only must a larger number of players be around, but that should mean something critical to the game. If you can get 90% or more of the experience without interacting with others, the game fails here. Online: This one is interesting, because at first you think this is simply about connecting to a server,...


PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS FOR FREERisk and reward are both important elements of playing League of Legends. If Riot released a new champion who could just instantly teleport back to base without any risk whatsoever, players would be screaming that it was overpowered. As it turns out, several champions did get that ability due to a Recall bug so severe that Riot Games has temporarily turned off Ranked play whilst the bug gets sorted out. While it’s not an offensive bug, the fact that you can cast Recall instantly with multiple heroes means that said heroes can instantly teleport out of danger and thus greatly disrupt the metagame. An update on the issue should be available shortly.


A new Superdata report covering June is surprisingly glowing about the MMO industry. MMOs, combined with social and mobile titles, accounted for $660 million in revenue and increased 13.5% from the month previous. The report praises Elder Scrolls Online as being the key factor for the market growth. The fantasy MMO sold 138,000 digital copies last month in addition to any box sales, making it the third biggest seller for June. The report also notes that the pay-to-play MMO market was up 7% from last year for a total of $50 million. Elder Scrolls Online has been topping the PlayStation charts as of late and was a big seller right out of the gate in the UK.

Blizzard Introduce New Game Mode To Hearthstone

  Award-winning developers Blizzard released an update to the official Hearthstone website today, giving fans their first glimpse of an exciting new game mode set to impress the world of Hearthstone, Tavern Brawl. The brand new game mode is scheduled to be released later this month and will give players the opportunity to face off against one another in a match with preset rules that change on a weekly basis. A few examples of these preset rules were given such as the potential to use premade decks, or being forced to create an entirely new deck with specific guidelines and restrictions in place. The new Tavern Brawls game mode will be entirely free to enter when it becomes available, even awarding players with a free card pack for their very first victory...