ARCHLORD II level cap will also be raised in today’s update

Elder Atuik waited in stoic silence. He had seen many of these storms over the last seven years. Long had he lived, the length and yellowness of his tusks and the wrinkles on his brown skin testament to the fact. But these storms were more than storms, were more than natural. He glanced at the young ones, shivering not with cold, not the tuskarr, but with fear.
Webzen’s PvP fans concerned about the MMORPG, ArchLord II, can jump into the game’s new content update today began leveling more. In addition to the new open PvP area, a new instance, new tasks and equipment, and even some new legendary items, free to play the game update also raised the current level cap to 60.

“Stardust land,” the new PvP area, is the continuing story of the night the pastor Gallardo focus. Has played before “Land corruption” and “Sunshine Garden” update incident a major role, Gallardo escaped a little help, Stardust land, hoping to vent a little damage there. The player’s task will be to restore peace and earn the device a new section to deal with this enormous challenge.

Stardust land is open PvP, but such a player should look behind them, at the same time by adding to the game’s 240 new mission forward.

To celebrate, Webzen Get a contest by landing Euty mounts. Just log on to the ArchLord II any time between June 16 and June 29, you will have a chance to win entry. Every time you log on days provides you an additional entry point into the drawing during the game. Other activities and battlefield bonuses will continue until 22 May, in order to check out the official statement, to learn more.