PLAYERUNKNOWN battlefield open test registration

Excited to continue to build PlayerUnknown battlefield upcoming developer Bluehole studio today announced that they have registered in preparation for the upcoming Test match opening. Bluehole Studio team has asked the players hands as soon as they are eager to share their date of creation, while also allowing enough time for players to participate and provide feedback.

Although we are still in the early stages of development, we would like to share a lot of things that we are trying, and there is a strong community of testers to help us in our opinion, a good game is very important.

By application of the test, you agree to participate in games and tests provide information about errors and problems found in the game feedback. You can in the early stages of development, play games, so you’ll be asked to sign this confidentiality agreement will be canceled in the next period of time.

We will organize in the coming weeks an application, we will notify those who successfully obtained via e-mail access. At this stage, we do not need a lot of testing, the initial group will be limited, so if you do not make it in, you’re still on the list in the future, we can expand the test group invitation.